2011 Annual

2011 Annual Huron Erie Corridor Steering Committee Meeting

Meeting Update Summary Package

Meeting Update Summary Package


Darryl Hondorp Presentation

An ecological framework for fish habitat restoration in the Huron-Erie Corridor

David Bennion Presentation

Evaluation of Potential Ecological Impacts Resulting from Lake Michigan-Huron Water Level Restoration and the Placement of Structures in the St. Clair River

Carol Stepien Presentation

Genetic connectivity patterns of walleye & yellow perch along the Huron-Erie corridor

DFO Presentation

DFO HEC Sampling 2010

Doug Denison Presentation

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Blue Heron Lagoon South Fishing Pier Habitat U.S. Steel Shoreline Habitat

Vandergoot Presentation

Lakes Huron & Erie walleye movement study